Town & Country Acceptance Corporation

Debt Management


Town & Country Acceptance Corporation ("TCAC") is a licensed and bonded debt management company that has been helping people with one of the greatest stresses you can have...MONEY PROBLEMS...for over 35 years now.  If you have money problems...we can help...GUARANTEED! 

All it takes is a simple, FREE, telephone call to 1-800-581-5150 or a quick click on the help tab above.


"Payday loans were literally ruining my life for three years.  I was working three jobs and my paychecks were being swallowed up.  I found your company's information online and called.  I instantly felt a calm I hadn't felt in years and was able to sleep.  I was put on a plan and actually have money to spare!  After a year, my life is 100% better and I only have to work one job.  I truly believe Town & Country put me into the 'rehab' I needed and helped me put my life back on track.  There are no words to adequately describe what TCAC has done for me, my life and mental well-being.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank you and your WONDERFUL staff."
- J. Flora

"It has been a great pleasure dealing with an honest company with great business ethics.  Your company has given me new hope and faith in the credit and financial system."
- A. DeVanney

"Now I have the financial freedom I have always wanted and an outstanding credit report.  Thank you for all your help."
- W. Majors
"I want to thank you for the help and the easy payments.  Have been trying to get out of debt for 6 years and this was the break I needed."
- E. Williams

"Thank you for all of your help during a very trying time in my life.  You were very understanding and helpful with everything - from your contract with my creditors to setting up payments that I could work with.  You are great!"
- D. Wheeler

"Many thanks for your kindness and total support.  You have relieved a great deal of burden and many headaches by being so kind.  Thanks to people like you, I can now see a worthwhile future."
- B. Sizemore

What we see and how we can help...
Payday Loans - We see payday loans.  We see a lot of payday loans.  Typically a customer that contacts us for assistance has more than one payday loan.  Often they had to take out the second payday loan in an attempt to pay the first payday loan and the cycle has begun.  In almost every single scenario, the customer is having to continually renew the loans and is therefore stuck.  They cannot and will not get in front of the snowball that has started rolling.  And let's not forget the interest rates.

Credit Cards - "Buy now, pay later" is just too appealing for almost all of us.  Most of us have used credit cards and found ourselves on the long-end of the balance.  What starts out sounding not too bad quickly turns into paying 5 or 6 times as much for over 30 years.  Compound interest is definitely not in the customer's best interest.

Those are the most common creditors our customers have problems controlling, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.  We assist with finance companies (large or small), collection agencies, medical bills, and just about every other non-living expense you may have.

Give us a call today to talk to a friendly, knowledgeable representative without obligation.  We'll be happy to let you know how we can help you!