Town & Country Acceptance Corporation

Mission Statement


Bill problems destroy careers and families. Bill problems are a leading cause of child abuse, substance abuse, and marital conflict. Bill problems are a leading cause of the stress causing people to seek help with their mental health problems. And that stress causes physical health problems, as well.

Far too many debtors are needlessly resorting to bankruptcy and/or long-term, partial payment debt management programs to resolve their bill problems.

Studies reveal that more than half of all bankruptcies are attributable to illness or medical bills. Certainly a good portion of the remainder is due to the unwise use of and abuse of credit cards and, as of late, payday loans, skyrocketing gasoline prices and ever escalating costs of living.


For many people, the real solution lay in comprehensive national health insurance, stricter guidelines with regard to the issuance of loans and credit cards, and better regulation of payday lenders.

Notwithstanding that fact, debtors must be educated. They must learn the importance of credit and how to use credit wisely. They must learn how to budget their money. And they must learn the options available to them for resolving financial difficulties and preventing future such difficulties.


We shall begin by spending whatever time may be necessary to educate the debtor. We will discuss the importance of a budget, the importance of credit and the wise use of credit.

Via a comprehensive and thorough budget analysis, we will determine the current financial condition of the debtor and construct budgetary guidelines for the debtor, custom-tailored to the debtor’s financial condition.

Utilizing the information obtained from the analysis, we will then determine the extent of any existing financial difficulties and discuss options available to the debtor for resolving any such difficulties, revising previously established budgetary guidelines, if necessary. Any discussion of options for resolving financial difficulties will focus first upon the ability of the debtors to resolve problems on their own and how to do so. Thereafter, if needed, a discussion of options will include available sources of assistance (including our debt management plan), choosing the best source of assistance and the ramifications of using each source of assistance.

Emphasis shall always be upon the debtor employing the swiftest, most effective and least disruptive option available. If at all possible, bankruptcy and/or long-term, partial payment programs shall be options of last resort. 

Concluding education will again revolve around the use of a budget and how such usage can be both curative as well as preventative in nature.